Hi, I’m Laura!

and I would love to help you create a peaceful home.

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of a new day? Stressed out when even one more thing is added to your list? A sink full of dishes, crying toddler, no idea what to cook and it’s 4pm? I can relate! That was me…and sometimes still is me…but it isn’t my daily normal anymore.

I’m a mama to two young boys and wife to a Taiwanese husband who works from home.  When I sit down at night my living room is usually picked up, the couch is clear of laundry, and I make sure all the dishes are done and kitchen cleaned up before bed. The past few months I’ve even vacuumed my house multiple times a week! Who is this person?? I’ve implemented routines and strategies that have transformed my home and it’s cleaner, more peaceful, and above all, a place that I enjoy and where I can relax.

But it didn’t start out like that!   

Our multi-cultural life brings many chances to grow, but adding kids to our home sure stretched me! I was struggling to find time to cook even simple meals, clean a toilet, or sweep a floor. My babies were crying or, as they’ve gotten older, fighting! I desperately wanted to help my family save money by not eating out, but it sure was hard to cook. We turned to takeout more times than I’d like to admit in the first three years.

There had to be a better way! 

I finally started to pray and search for answers from other moms who had it a bit more together than I did. Most of it boiled down to planning. I needed to plan my daily schedule, plan my meals, plan when to shop, prep, and cook. Sometimes it meant cooking a meal for the next day after the kids had gone to bed. Boy, was that fun…not! But it meant that we ate at home.

Surrendering my home and my own time to the Lord Jesus Christ was key in learning how to love and serve in my home as a mother, cook, cleaner, baby wrangler, etc. 

Learning how to manage my time was another skill that I realized I needed to grow in. I’m still working on this one, and probably always will! Setting small goals throughout the day made a difference. Goal one: Go to bed with a clean kitchen sink! That motivated me to do it sooner rather than later as I could just relax when it was done.

Saving money, saving time, and making memories are my passions. The more I planned out my home and life, the more time I had for loving on those little guys. Daily routines helped them be more peaceful as well, since they knew what was coming next.

And that’s exactly what Tame the Crazy is all about.

My passion is to help you learn some of these sanity-saving strategies that changed my days from absolute chaos and overwhelm to (mostly) calm and peaceful days with a plan. Come learn with me as I strive to make my home a peaceful, happy place. And guess what? You can even sit on my couch when you come over, as there isn’t a giant pile of laundry there anymore!